Hey, I'm Bobby Schroeder, a 20-year-old dork from Daytona who posts about cartoons, video games, and social issues, among other things.
I made a cool game called Super Lesbian Horse RPG, and now I'm working on a cool game called Andromi. I also post my other art on here.
This blog is rated PG-13. Anyway, yeah, have fun. Population:

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i didn’t get nearly enough sleep and i need more energy to draw today so it’s nap time

Yo, National Report's a satire website.

that’s the worst satire i’ve ever read it literally just sounds like a real news article about swatting

weeaboo stories


Oh man, I’ve got this great story about weeaboos. First of all, to clarify, I’m not really that into anime and I am certainly not much of a weeaboo myself. Anyway, I was opening a meeting of my local anime club (I am the president) when

okay so this is the last thing i was expecting out of azure striker gunvolt of all games but there’s a canonical bigender character

you start this mission to track down a particularly powerful enemy who beat one of your allies and the girl who debriefs you contacts you to explain things at the beginning of the level as usual and outright says that the person you’re tracking down is bigender and she uses xe/xem pronouns when referring to xem

granted i doubt anyone will think this is ideal representation, because like. this character is also a sadomasochist who gets killed (at least i’m assuming xe’s dead) by an even stronger character who turns out to be the level’s real boss. but nobody misgenders xem or says anything disrespectful and the character doesn’t look like a stereotype, gunvolt just mentions xem being both a boy and a girl when they have their little bit of banter and that’s about it. knowing gunvolt i was expecting some kind of quip out of him regarding the pronouns but nothing like that happened

just something i thought people might like to hear about

Does it annoy you as much as me when you see anthro's with white people dicks?


this is the second time this week that I’ve randomly woken up for no apparent reason after only a few hours of sleep and then been unable to fall back asleep

do you happen to have a handy dandy guide for making Cucumber Quest OCs?

comcept just posted this new stage theme from mighty no. 9 by manami matsumae and it’s gooooooood



My Roommate Took Her Samoyed to a Color Run




My Roommate Took Her Samoyed to a Color Run


this is the man i hired to co-write my video game


I wrote up the first news post for Andromi’s page on Indie DB. In this post I talk about character design a lot, reveal some neat stuff, and even show off something new! I think it’s a pretty good read, so check it out.

hey read this thing from yesterday if you didn’t read it

i’ve beaten three levels in azure striker gunvolt and it’s fun as hell. thoughts

  • graphics, music, animations are all great
  • the dialogue isn’t, like. groundbreaking or anything, but it’s more enjoyable than i expected so far. gunvolt’s a decent protagonist and i’ve had a few chuckles
  • the gameplay is so good. it basically revolves around tagging enemies with your pistol and then using your electric field to zap them. it’s fun and unique
  • every level has a unique gimmick and some of them make really interesting use of your powers, like this one that’s all about magnetism
  • the combat makes boss fights more about dodging attacks and maintaining your electricity meter than aiming all your shots or trying to get in close for an attack, which makes the boss fights so good
  • one thing that confused me though is damage. when you have your energy meter damage just drains that and resets your score multiplier. if you have no electricity then you can take damage. but if you have energy and aren’t attacking then you can automatically dodge attacks thanks to this one default piece of equipment? weird
  • there’s a secret jewel in every level and i’m pretty sure you have to get all of them to get the good ending
  • there’s some “rpg elements”? you can level up to SLIGHTLY increase your health and you also have equipment and there’s a crafting system. dunno what to make of it yet
  • there are a lot of challenges for when replaying levels and they’re great but you can also do three of them at a time which is kinda dumb

overall great game, love it

mighty gunvolt is also fun but nothing to write home about

jenny tried to tell me earlier that naomi is “if brad and sheldon from my life as a teenage robot had a baby and it was a furry”