Hey, I'm Bobby Schroeder, a 20-year-old dork from Daytona who posts about cartoons, video games, and social issues, among other things.
I made a cool game called Super Lesbian Horse RPG, and now I'm working on a cool game called Andromi. I also post my other art on here.
This blog is rated PG-13. Anyway, yeah, have fun. Population:

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queerhog said: Is this about the Freedom Fighters

no but you’re not too far off because freedom planet is a 16-bit platformer on steam that’s very clearly inspired by sonic (and gunstar heroes)

today i discovered that there’s a furry tag on steam. the furry tag contains games such as dust: an elysian tail, freedom planet, blade kitten, spy fox, and sonic cd. according to the steam community the only two sonic things on steam worthy of a furry tag are sonic cd and sonic & all-stars racing transformed’s yogscast dlc

i need to get freedom planet

i had a dream that in the original sailor moon anime they gave tuxedo mask a big square chin kind of like major armstrong but in crystal they changed it back to his normal pointy anime chin and everyone was happy that it was more faithful to the manga

Any run-ins with the other/rival gay club recently?

i blocked all of them so i don’t even know if the fake and gay club still exists

Ey boby, I have a question, The SLHRPG wiki mention that is I defeat all enemies I could get spike as a dog, but I completed the bestiary (aka fight with all enemies) but him not change, so the "all fo them" is about al and every one almost one time included the first glitch non-returnable dungeon or I miss something..?.

that’s actually not true, there’s a 1/30 chance spike will show up as a dog in the bestiary screen throughout the game. if you just keep talking to spike he will eventually appear as a dog. you don’t have to unlock him

ur art is rly cute and ur an inspiration 2 me

thank you!

There's this thing called respect. You took a picture you didnt like and posted it on your blog just to bash on it. Thats extremely disrespectful. Sure you think its awful, thats your opinion. But you didnt need to post it in the first place then.

You know, just because you do not like something, does not mean you need to bash on it and pretty much just publicly humiliate it. You're respected, I get that. But still. Someone worked hard on that art, It still deserves some appreciation.

it’s literally a picture of the dashcon ballpit as a pony with big boobs presenting her butthole i don’t care how hard atryl worked on it it’s fucking awful


so the first screenshot of andromi has officially been featured on a gaming website

every week indiestatik does a post collecting a handful of screenshots from the #screenshotsaturday hashtag on twitter. the one i posted of andromi just happens to be one of the nine screenshots they posted in this week’s article out of the 1000-ish screenshots they had to choose from

that’s pretty exciting imo


so these are the headshots (mugshots? portraits? icons?) for the 7 main pets for my game VinCity. i’m not totally happy with the colors on all of them so they will likely change

pee did these great sketches and i did everything else


It’s a bit chilly today


It’s a bit chilly today


I’m not sure which is better, the question or the response


Haven’t played further than this boss, so you got lucky! I don’t wanna watch videos of the bosses I haven’t beaten, so I avoided googling the other suggestions I took, as much as I liked their designs.

Really liked this boss a lot, I’m looking forward to getting a damned controlled so I can enjoy the game properly :]


pearl fashions


pearl fashions