still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that volume 26 of jojo’s bizarre adventure is entitled The Spirit of Emptiness, Vanilla Ice



I’ll probably make a better post later with pictures and more detailed information but here’s some things I’m wanting to sell. A bit of spring cleaning but also necessity for rent and such

  • Microsoft Surface Pro tablet computer 128GB model with type cover and sleeve case (as seen in previous posts)
  • Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass Guitar with case and amp
  • 3 gallon fish tank with pebbles, fake plant, filter/pump, filter refils, light, automatic feeder
  • Garmin automotive GPS unit with window mount and lifetime map updates

  • 22” 1080p LCD computer monitor DVI and HDMI input

I haven’t come up with an official price list for most of these items yet so if any of these items strike your interest, take this chance to ask for more info/pictures and make me an offer! I’m totally willing to barter.

All the items are in perfect functional working order and range from good to flawless cosmetic condition.


Guess who miss drawing Rainbow Dash.


Guess who miss drawing Rainbow Dash.

happy easter phienix

i read like five and a half volumes of stardust crusaders today and i could probably read just as many tomorrow to finally be done with part 3

so then i can finally get to part 4 like i’ve been wanting to do for so long



Hello tumblr! My name is Eugene and I am writing this to report that my cat Bob is missing. He has been gone since Wed. April 9th. He is an indoor cat and rarely leaves for longer than a few hours, so it is very worrying that he has been gone so long. He is elderly, approx. 13 years old, orange tabby with few whites spots, very fluffy, and very special to us. If you live in Orange County, California, specifically the areas of Tustin and Santa Ana, and have seen an orange tabby like this one, please call us at (714)838-1050 and leave us a message [if we don’t answer]. If you do not live there, I would appreciate any and all signal boosts. I have raised Bob since he was a kitten, and we are devastated and very worried about him. Please help us find our cat!

this might just be because i like polnareff so much and i’m only like two thirds of the way through but it almost feels like polnareff has replaced jotaro as the main character. polnareff gets soooooo much time in the spotlight and soooooo many fights

i really liked that the new episode of mlp once again showed both that A) fluttershy and rainbow dash both care about each other very deeply and B) rainbow understands that fluttershy’s anxieties make her reluctant to speak up for herself, especially when fluttershy thinks she’ll get in the way of her friends, so rainbow keeps herself from accidentally walking all over fluttershy and tries to do nice thinks for her because she cares about her

i like it when that happens. even if the writers did have to have rainbow dash almost sell fluttershy into servitude to get to that point


pones pones pones


pones pones pones

has araki ever admitted that jotaro is overshadowed by his friends and joseph because he’s not as interesting? because jotaro barely feels like the main character of part 3. joseph, kakyoin, and polnareff all seem to do a lot more than him, and at the beginning of the judgement arc the group is even described as “mr. joestar and company”

in case that last post didn’t tip you off i’m finally getting back to reading jojo and yeah, that’s it, polnareff is definitely my favorite character in part 3 i love polnareff

in case that last post didn’t tip you off i’m finally getting back to reading jojo and yeah, that’s it, polnareff is definitely my favorite character in part 3 i love polnareff

i like how araki felt the need to throw in cultural trivia about every place the gang visits in stardust crusaders. it’s so funny. like they’re on their way to kill dio and fight his minions, but also let’s take a minute to stop and learn about how to get a bargain when buying shish kebabs


These kind of situations, repeatedly, sums up JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure the best.


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