Hey, I'm Bobby Schroeder, a 20-year-old dork from Daytona who posts about cartoons, video games, and social issues, among other things.
I made a cool game called Super Lesbian Horse RPG, and now I'm working on a cool game called Andromi. I also post my other art on here.
This blog is rated PG-13. Anyway, yeah, have fun. Population:

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in case you guys are like “whoa chill out bobby what’s so great about this paul robertson dude how come you’re so excited his sprites are in gravity falls”

he’s probably most famous for being the head artist on the scott pilgrim game, but his casual work (like that seen on his blog (fair warning: nsfw for some cartoony pixelated boobs and gore)) is also really popular and i guarantee you’ve seen it here and there if you use the internet

he’s also currently working on the kickstarter-driven indie game mercenary kings, which looks hella rad

so yeah, one of my favorite artists basically had an episode of gravity falls showcasing his sprite animation skills and that makes me real happy

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