Hey, I'm Bobby Schroeder, a 20-year-old dork from Daytona who posts about cartoons, video games, and social issues, among other things.
I made a cool game called Super Lesbian Horse RPG, and now I'm working on a cool game called Andromi. I also post my other art on here.
This blog is rated PG-13. Anyway, yeah, have fun. Population:

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once upon a time when i was 13 and i lived in connecticut my parents had to take my step grandpa to the hospital (it was nothing serious don’t worry)

and when my parents got home my dad was just like “but look, the trip was worth it, i brought back souvenirs” and he reached into a pocket in his shorts and pulled out a big wad of rubber gloves from the hospital and set them on the washing machine with pride

mom hadn’t been in on his glove heist until he pulled them out of his pocket just then and she was just shaking her head like “oh my god bob i can’t believe the things you do sometimes”

but my dad just kept reaching into more of his pockets and grabbing more and more wads of rubber gloves and we were all cracking up and every time we thought he was done he pulled out another fistful of gloves until there were like eighty rubber gloves in a huge pile covering the top of the washing machine

we never found a use for 90% of those gloves they just stayed in the pile until we moved

the moral of this story is to not let my dad get bored in a hospital

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